Stepping up Your Office Space – Pre-Owned Style

Last time we highlighted this office designer, we discussed how they were innovating the office space in this new age of technology. Being constantly interconnected through the internet changes the way we work together and influences the kinds of spaces we need. This change in workflow means we need a change in the workspace.

Already a pioneer of this changing workforce, Creative Office Design has figured out the optimal way to get pre-owned office cubicles into the hands of small businesses and start-ups. They focus on supporting these start-ups and small businesses by making the office affordable. After all, they know you want to focus your money and attention on other investments. 

One of the first rules of design is that good design is invisible. It works perfectly for you and will serve its purpose so that you can focus on the important details. One of their more versatile pieces, a height-adjustable table, demonstrates this nicely. While standing while working is a new fad, studies have shown that work engagement and performance increases while standing. Not only that, but there are a number of health benefits. A height-adjustable table can also aid in collaboration and allow the desk to be more versatile.

While they do offer gorgeous, brand new pieces that come in a variety of options, Creative Office Design is perhaps better known for their impressive selection of used furniture. Mitigating start-up costs while maintaining a professional standard is incredibly important for a new business. What people may not realize is that due to the nature of it, used office furniture usually remains in good condition. If it’s well made, it can outlive the original office space it was used for. That’s how they offer such a variety of used cubicles, desks, tables, benches, etc. And that’s also why you should consider going that route.

Buying used furniture to start is always a good investment in the beginning anyway because you never know where your business will take you. You may have to upgrade later. It’s always good to start small and allow yourself room to grow in the future. When this happens, you will still want your office spaces to be helpful and dynamic. But, continuing to save money is always the smart thing to do. Creative Office Design has thought of this too.

Creative Office Designs has come out with a new program to allow small businesses to receive their furniture without having to wait on long shipping. With the new ODS Express Program, you can get brand new furniture at a lower price in less than two weeks. This is also available throughout Orange County and the LA area.

From sharing office space to working on projects on the web, studies show that a well-designed office environment is very important for productivity. Creative Office Design focuses on providing the equipment and design tools to allow you to create the most effective space. And now, they’re excited to say that they are expanding and have used office cubicles for sale in the LA area!

If you are in the are, be sure to check them out:

Creative Office Design

15440 Laguna Canyon Rd #120, Irvine, CA 92618

(714) 328-7627

Redefining Office Furniture Accessibility

As millennials are slowly saturating the work force, they are changing the landscape of what the office might look like. Instead of starting companies that quickly open big offices full of fancy furniture and big screens, thanks Silicon Valley, many of this next generation in the work force are seeing that brand new furniture in a big office is a significant investment that can potentially set back a growing business financially. So how have millennials redefined the work space? Co-working spaces and the re-usability office furniture.

What is a co-working space? Well some smart millennial came up with a solution to a problem. The problem, purchasing or paying rent on an office as a start up business is almost impossible. How do you make it cheaper? Instead of renting a whole office, you get to rent a small space in an office where other people can work as well. The environment is for working professionals who don’t find the value of a big office. As the world gets smaller and smaller with inter connectivity, people can work virtually anywhere that has an internet connection. Funny enough, many of these office spaces are filled with used office furniture which is a wonderful bridge to the second part of this entry.

New office furniture is expensive. Most of the time, as long as you don’t buy from a shady establishment, that furniture is built to last. Office furniture almost always outlasts the business that bought it. So where does it all go? Luckily, liquidation sales have become a thing. Through various office furniture companies, you can get access to incredible stocks of used office furniture that’s in fantastic shape. Whether you are looking for something for your home office, or you are a small operation moving into your first office, you should look into used office furniture in Orange County.  If you do a little research like we did, you’ll notice something. There are a few office furniture businesses that have a solid online reputation but one seems to stick out. If you are looking for a partner that will help you fulfill your businesses furniture needs from design to delivery, then look no further! These guys are growing fast and supplying all of Southern California with some of the best new and used furniture that money can buy. And you can buy without tanking your business. Don’t believe us? Check them out!

Lucky for you, they have an awesome showroom you can visit to see what you are buying in person instead of relying on a catalog designed to make all the furniture look as good as possible.

Whether you are creating the next shared office space that’s even more affordable than whats out there, opening your own office, or redefining the office landscape all together, used office furniture seems to be the smart way to go.

Until next time, our search continues for a fast growing business worth mentioning. Maybe they will need some new office furniture. Good thing we know of a business that can help.