About Us

Hello and welcome to CannGrow, the southern California locals-only business review site!

Ever get tired of being overwhelmed by the number of choices you would find on yelp when you search for a service or item near you?

So did we!

We hated sifting through hundreds of results for each search and having to compare the number of 5-star reviews with the 1-star reviews to get an idea of how good the company really was. We wanted a place where a couple people we could trust used a service that we are looking for and casually provide a breakdown of the goods and bads of the companies they worked with.

When we couldn’t find anything like that for SoCal, we decided to start our own.

Our History

CannGrow’s team is comprised of a number of business owners that have years of cumulative experience running their own companies, which gives us our own unique and varied perspectives on what makes a good business. We use this perspective to provide you with the information you need to make the right choice when it comes to selecting a business to work with.

Not only does owning our own businesses provide us with a unique point of view, it also provides us ample opportunities to sample the local community offerings. Whether we need landscaping work done for our properties, audits done on our finances, or legal expertise to help us solidify a contract, we have a ton of work that needs doing and a love for experimenting with different small businesses to see which ones manage to rise above the pack.

Each of us started small, with barely a penny to our name when we set out. With this in mind, we know the challenges most small businesses and their owners face, so this platform is how we elevate those companies that truly shine when we work with them.

Our Environment

We see the current trends of massive centralization to be highly destructive both on the macro- and the micro-scales. On the macro side of things, centralization creates fragility in the system. We all remember the ‘too big to fail’ boondoggle in the last recession; well, as centralization of commerce increases, so do the consequences of even a single firm failing in the current ecosystem. If one of them goes, it is very possible that the domino effect will cause a cascading chain of crises on all levels of the economy.

On the micro scale, we think centralization just sucks! With just a few firms operating in a market space, things get very boring very quickly. Just imagine, a world filled with nothing but Targets and Walmarts – yuck! Small businesses are the soul of our society and communities, providing a space where an individual’s personality can heavily influence the look and feel of an organization. They might not have the ruthless efficiency of a big corporation, but what they lack in efficiency, they make up in personalized service and character.

If you’re like us, you want to make sure these local businesses survive and thrive in an increasingly cutthroat world. You also know that not all of these companies are cut from the same cloth – some are stellar, while others sputter out quick. We’re here to guide you to those businesses that shine.