Ending Your Marriage Peacefully With Newport Beach’s Best Divorce Mediator

Growing up as a latchkey kid with divorced parents, I always burned with envy when I saw the other kids in class going home with their intact, happy families. Ice cream socials, parent-teacher nights, and even sports events saw me alone or with one parent, as my mother and father couldn’t stand the sight of one another.

My parents’ divorce had been a massive blowout event, with each parent trying to use all the means at their disposal – including myself – against one another during the process. This caused me to be deathly frightened of long-term relationships growing up, as any prolonged intimacy with another person may make the break-up process that much more destructive.

Discussing this with a friend later on in life, I discovered that divorce didn’t need to end up being a lengthy and dramatic court battle fought tooth and nail. Options existed for couples to end their relationships amicably and with mutual understanding and benefit, which meant situations like mine could be avoided.

Chief among these alternatives is the process of mediation. Mediation uses a neutral third party that represents the interests of both members of the dissolving union, helping to guide the negotiation so that each comes out of the process satisfied.

Divorce is naturally fraught with emotions regardless of the means of dissolving the marriage, which means mediators have to be highly skilled in order to make sure negotiations don’t break down prematurely. For couples looking to separate amicably in the Orange County area, McNamee Divorce Mediations is one of the best options available for mediating your separation.

McNamee has been in the business for a long time, and over the years they have helped hundreds of couples find common ground during their divorce. The firm is so successful that they have one of the most sterling online reputations of any law firm I have seen so far. Here is a quick sample of what you can find online:

Working with Colleen during our mediation process was a true blessing. Her calming demeanor and steadfast guidance made the entire process way less daunting and destabilizing than I had anticipated it would be. I could always count on Colleen to be responsive and thorough no matter what my questions pertained to or how many I asked! Colleen genuinely cares about her clients and it shows in the empathy and compassion she brings to every meeting, phone call, or even email. Colleen is incredibly fair and balanced and the time and heartache saved by having a mediator both people can trust over two lawyers at odds cannot be underestimated. I would highly recommend Colleen without hesitation and could not imagine having gone through this process without her wisdom and knowledge to lean on. I’m so grateful for you, Colleen!

Rachel Zgonc, Google Review
Read Louis D.‘s review of McNamee Mediations on Yelp

I used Colleen to mediate my divorce and was very pleased how comfortable she made us feel throughout the process. We were not sure what the mediation process looked like. Colleen laid everything out in an organized manner, and was upfront about the process and costs. She never overwhelmed us with too much info, worked at our pace and took one thing at a time as we worked through the steps. Choosing mediation and to work with Colleen helped ease the difficulties that come with divorce.

Mike S., Google Review

Relationships are messy, but that doesn’t mean your divorce needs to be, too. For couples who have found that their marriage is just no longer working, but don’t want to tear each other down in court, a mediation firm like Mcnamee Mediations can provide the solution you’re looking for. Call today:

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Divorce And Marriage Contracts: The Last Ditch Effort To Save Your Marriage

Marriage is a complicated thing in the modern world. Pressure is applied to the relationship from all directions, the old sensibilities towards duty are dying, and the ties between men and women becoming more fraught by the day. It’s a miracle any marriage makes it at all.

For many who still love their husband or wife but can’t seem to make it work, it may seem that the only option is for them to cut their losses, separate, and try to move on with their lives. Luckily, there is an alternative, and it comes from the unlikeliest of sources – a family law firm that specializes in mediating divorces.

McNamee Mediations, located in Newport Beach, has developed a system called the Marriage Contract, which acts as a last-resort effort to keep a marriage together. The contract stipulates that each partner must follow a list of behaviors that has been worked out by them and the mediator – a failure to follow the behavior results in a breach of the contract, at which point the divorce begins to move forward.

McNamee’s creation of the marriage contract is proof positive of the care the firm provides for its clients. Nobody wants to get divorced, and the process is difficult and taxing – a firm that truly cares for its clients and desires to see them off better than when it found them is extremely difficult to find.

If you need further proof, just take a look at the firm’s extensive list of testimonials online. Here’s a sample:

It was reviews like this that steered me towards hiring Colleen. Divorce presents many challenges and can be a painful experience. With McNamee Mediations we got through mediation and it was actually a pleasant experience. I had no idea what to expect and when I called to get information, Colleen was very clear on the process and what to expect. At our first meeting she went over the process again so that we had clear expectations. Colleen brings a calmness to each meeting and she was very thorough each step of the way. It’s important to know that a mediator does not take sides and remains neutral throughout. I didn’t want the experience of hiring a lawyer to “fight” for me. My former spouse and I wanted to keep things as amicable as possible. Colleen offered pros and cons for several situations and allowed us to find a resolution. Colleen work hard to help us, and she will help you. I highly recommend McNamee Mediations.

Heather C. – Yelp Review
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We highly recommend Colleen’s mediation services. Prior to our marriage, Colleen sat down with us to write a prenuptial agreement. We had both previously gone through divorces that were costly and unfair in distributing assets. During a time of great happiness it can feel awkward to discuss finances and future distributions should divorce occur. However, Colleen made the experience a positive one as she helped us craft a prenuptial agreement we both felt was fair. This was important for each of us to feel secure coming into this new marriage. Colleen was gracious, kind and explained everything each step of the way. She is a true professional and her experience and character shone through!

Erin A. – Yelp Review

If your marriage is in trouble and you’d like to take one last crack at saving it, give McNamee Mediations a call. McNamee will help you create both a marriage contract and a mutually beneficial separation agreement in case things just can’t be fixed.

McNamee Mediation


4590 MacArthur Blvd Suite 500, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Housewives Star & Newport Beach Divorce Survivor

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas thought that she would be the perfect star for the Orange County franchise of the Real Housewives. An interview reveals that Vargas thought that she brought with her a backstory that was worth reality television gold: a “miserable”, passionless marriage, a childhood in a Missouri cult, and a history of abusive relationships.

But her sparkling visions of what she expected to be a dream job in the entertainment industry alongside a star-studded female cast was smashed by the realities of fame, which came with unexpected bullying from both castmates and fans.

Neither fame nor marriage is always as romantic as they seem. In fact, fame can mirror the dynamic of an abusive, love-hate relationship. Moreover, there is a parallel of feeling as one has been used as a pawn to satisfy the ulterior motives and greed of others.

Orange County’s Newport Beach is home to some of the richest households in California. The trouble with wealth is that it raises the stakes of conflict in marriage and divorce. The higher the value of divisible assets, the more aggressive each party is in negotiating settlement terms that aren’t always mutually exclusive. Litigation can be rife with tension and hurdles for divorces of couples of any income bracket. As such, many are opting for Divorce Mediation for calmer legal separations in the privacy of a mediator’s office, outside of the courts. While each state varies in divorce laws, mediation has quickly become normalized in California.

Most modern relationships are not fairytales. In fact, some are truly terrifying, with an endless number of bizarre cases of people taking drastic measures to get what they want. Vargas was reportedly held captive in her Newport Beach home by her ex-boyfriend. The man had allegedly barricaded himself inside the home. Newport Beach police charged him with “assault with a deadly weapon, burglary and extortion.” 

Vargas and Bernt Bodal had married in 2000, breaking up almost two decades later in 2017. However, their divorce wasn’t finalized until July 2020.

“20 years total of my life and I’m happy but it’s a failure. … I paid an arm and a leg to get divorced and to get what I thought I needed … and here we are transitioning to a new phase in my life and I’m excited.”

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas via Instagram, US Weekly

Divorce proceedings can be both lengthy and costly, but they do not have to be. In many cases, the financial and emotional toll of divorce can be avoided through mediation, where a neutral third party facilitates the settlement of mutual terms. Family mediation is a stark contrast to the Hollywood depiction of nasty divorces with each spouse plotting and scheming with their respective legal teams. 

Mediation is often far less costly than litigation because it gives the couple an opportunity to be more efficient in prioritizing what truly matters in the separation. Mediation is like a lens that brings important matters into focus so that the boiling of emotions can be left to simmer down rather than overflow in unproductive ways.

Pain Relief With Mediation

Divorce is an incredibly messy business that often leaves lives in utter shambles once the process has run its course. Not only has your relationship been destroyed, but oftentimes your family has been splintered with deep seated resentment and hatred, all at the cost of thousands upon thousands of dollars in lawyer retainer fees.

So, what are you to do if you realize that your marriage is just not going to work out, but you also don’t want everything you’ve built together to be torn down by greedy family law lawyers looking to score more hours by seeding the ground for more petty fights? The easier, less costly, and emotionally less taxing course is to go with mediation.

Mediation provides a second path for couples whose lives are moving in different directions a way to save their families and their souls a little bit of hurting by using a third party to negotiate and divvy up the estate in a way that no one feels slighted or cheated. For our readers in Orange County, we specifically recommend the Irvine-based divorce mediation firm, McNamee mediations.

McNamee has made a name for itself providing its clients with separations and divorces in the least painful way possible, making it as easy as it could be for them to pick up what’s left and move on with their lives. Their sterling reviews provide proof of their efficacy, including this one from Janet on Yelp:

“Mediation is the way to go. I can’t stress enough that mediation verses going to court is the way to get through your divorce.

Life changing experiences are hard enough, let alone more trauma and heartache that the process of divorce can cause you.

The other obvious burden is the cost, mediation saved us thousands of dollars.

Why people would want to go to court is beyond me. Time alone is your enemy, to drag out a divorce

With a long process is not healthy for anyone.

About McNamee Mediation-

Thank goodness for Colleen McNamee. She walked me through every step. She was respectful, personable, and patient. She is a real person with real answers. She was never cold or uncaring, (which I think most people would expect of a mediation/divorce attorney professional).

As you can see I’m a fan. No BS, I was married for 30 years and this was a heartbreak for me to go through. I am grateful to Colleen McNamee and would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is considering mediation.

Enough said.”

If you are in Orange County and are looking for a way to exit your marriage with as little cost, pain, and time as possible in an amicable way with your spouse, we highly recommend that you give McNamee a call. You can only gain from the interaction, and you’d be surprised how beneficial the process can be to your life moving forward.

You can reach the spotlighted company by searching for:

McNamee Mediations

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4590 MacArthur Blvd, Ste 500, Irvine, CA 92612

The Rise of Family Law Mediation Practices

The courts have a significant role in the resolution of disputes in any legal system. Often it is the first and most trusted system of adjudication that people will opt for when faced with a challenging situation. However, at the end of a court case, there is always a winner and a loser. This is not an ideal situation where the dispute is between family members. Families have opted to use alternatives to the traditional justice system to resolve any conflicts between members. One alternative is mediation.

The process of mediation is guided by a mediator who is usually a person well versed with the law. The mediator attempts to steer the parties to reach an amicable solution where both sides get what they want or at least a comfortable compromise. 

In the past year or so, Orange County has seen a rise in family law mediation practices. For instance, you will find a new family law practice in Irvine on every street corner. The mushrooming practices are a direct result of the increased number of family disputes such as divorce, adoption, succession, and other related matters. Parties to these disputes are quickly running away from costly court procedures, harsh penalties imposed by courts, and sometimes negligent attorneys. Mediation offers them a safe ground where both warring parties can go home satisfied with the final decision.

The rampant growth of Orange County divorce mediation practices can also be attributed to the new markets that have been created by an influx of recently enlightened clientele. Simply put, this is where the money is. By default, this causes a problem. 

A burgeoning demand for Orange County divorce mediation services will attract even the most unscrupulous of practitioners into the market. While it may take years of training and practice for one to become a professional family law mediator, the rapid growth of the shops indicates that most of these new practices are not properly equipped to handle or steer mediation proceedings effectively.  Consequently, mediations will be handled by practitioners who may be easily compromised or those who may miss the point of mediation entirely. Ultimately, the settlements reached will be oppressive to one of the parties to the process.

On the upside, new practices bring about a healthy competitive practice among mediators. Practices that cannot match up will eventually be forced to pursue other areas. Only the best will thrive. The competition drives the standards of practice higher and higher, which, in the end, is to the advantage of litigants. At this point, only elbow grease will get things done. 

Despite the uproar of new mediation firms, we have found that McNamee Mediations has remained in the upper echelons of premier Orange County divorce mediation firms. Its success is attributed to not just grit, but grit with a smile. McNamee Mediations boasts of many impartial settlements in their extensive service delivery. The practice has handled divorce and other forms of family mediation with the highest degree of professionalism and reverence to their clientele. McNamee Mediations is settlement-oriented and primed for even the most arduous of disputes. 

The legal system is dynamic and is bound to change in the near future. Mediation practices will come and go but only the best Orange County divorce mediation firms will survive the test of time.

You can contact McNamee Mediations at:

McNamee Mediations

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Divorce is Common – This Business Is Making It Easier To Deal With

The rate of divorce just keeps climbing and no one seems to have remedy to slow it down, or for how to make divorce less catastrophic. When a couple gets divorced, it is the splitting of assets, children, money, and general emotional connections that have been established over years. It makes sense that the default outcome is some explosion of all things in all directions when one or both people in a marriage file for divorce. You would think they would make it as easy as splitting everything down the middle so that there can’t be any arguing or debate over who gets what. I suppose you can’t actually split children so that debate would always be there but luckily children can split their time so long as the each parent is okay with sharing. Unfortunately for most people, divorce is a lot messier than splitting things down the middle. With emotions fractured and tensions high, a lot of soon to split couples are out to get each other to make them pay for the hardship they are enduring. This has inevitably led to attorneys becoming essential pieces to a divorce. Attorneys can be very expensive and there is typically an attorney for each person! Divorce attorneys can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars just to ensure that each person gets what they are owed. Why? Why have we continued to pay these astronomical fees especially in a place like Southern California where divorce rates are extremely high compared to the rest of the US? One can only assume the reason these expensive divorce attorneys are still being used is because its the only way to protect yourself from your spouse and to make sure you get what you want out of the divorce. Fortunately, someone has finally taken an idea and made it into an extremely lucrative business that helps couples dealing with divorce get through the process easier, cheaper, and generally happier. Have you ever heard of divorce mediation? Well if you haven’t, you should do your research. The fees are considerably less and everyone wins in the end! The best that can be done here to aid you in your search would be to start you off with what we think is considered the best in the field of divorce mediators. Check out McNamee Mediations!

She is a licensed lawyer that decided to take on the divorce process from a different perspective. She wanted to help both parties to get what they want for a fraction of the cost. She’ll even submit all the legal paperwork in the end making her the one stop shop for settling your divorce. We aren’t the only ones who think she is the best. Check her out on Yelp here:

McNamee Mediations Yelp

If you are stuck in tough situation in a relationship and divorce is seeming more and more inevitable, make sure to consider divorce mediation before seeking an attorney. It will make the process easier for you, your spouse, and your family.