Expect Delays!

After the insanity of the 2021 fall season for shipping and logistics, it appeared as if things were slowly getting back to normal. The number of enormous cargo ships idling off the coast of California slowly trickled down from a terrifying 100+ back in October to a more manageable 21 in recent months.

This lull is not to last, however – much of the progress was made during a lengthy pause in shipments entering and exiting Chinese ports as they suffered through a lengthy shutdown thanks to the state’s notorious zero-COVID policies. With the opening up of China’s seaboard and the resumption of normal shipping activities, a deluge of delayed shipments are quickly making their way towards a still dangerously overcrowded Port of Los Angeles.

Adding to this potential new shipping snare is a looming contract dispute between port authorities and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, representing 22,000 workers from San Diego to Seattle. As the 2014 contract agreed to by both parties slips past its expiry date, a new settlement agreement is in the process of being negotiated – but progress is slow.

This has left a huge number of companies in a predicament – most know to expect a blow, but the size and scale of that blow are inscrutable at this point. With many scrambling to adapt to an already chaotic business environment, these recent developments have added yet another unwelcome unknown into the immediate future.

One major component of this chaotic business environment is the unprecedented staffing issues many businesses are experiencing. Desperate for help, many companies have payrolls expanding by as much as 100% or more in an extremely short period of time, leading them to rush to find enough space and equipment to house their new arrivals.

The intersection of the supply chain crisis and the staffing shortages meets at finding enough furniture to ensure that each employee has the materials they need to succeed in their new position. Most suppliers have turnaround times of six months or more, meaning companies have limited options at a time when they are desperate for equipment.

Luckily for our southern California readers, Creative Office Design has an extensive stock of preconfigured furniture sets and new cubicles in L.A. and Orange County available for immediate shipping. The company’s owner, Brian, was able to see what was coming on the horizon and planned for the supply chain shocks that have become commonplace over the last year.

Creative has offerings from the industry’s biggest brands, including Friant and In Stock, available for quick delivery. The Interra cubicle system even provides buyers with a robust level of customization for offices that need a quick installation that can fit with an established aesthetic or just need a touch of style.

As yet more chaos lurks just below the horizon, it’s best to start preparing for the next year as soon as possible. That means outfitting your office with enough furniture and equipment to house the staffing levels you’ll need to weather the approaching storms. For the most complete and quality quick-ship office furniture options in southern California, give Creative Office Design a call.

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