Sustainable Del Mar Landscaping

Gardening and landscaping can truly transform your life and home. Gardening is a great form of physical activity that provides opportunities to be exposed to sunlight and fresh air. The primal act of working with the Earth and grounding oneself with nature has endless emotional and mental benefits.

Living beautifully does not need to be expensive. Mother Nature is a gift that keeps on giving, and the gift that we citizens of Planet Earth must protect.

Temperatures are rising, snow and rainfall patterns are shifting, and more extreme climate events – like heavy rainstorms and record-high temperatures – are already happening. Many of these observed changes are linked to the rising levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, caused by human activities.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA)

Landscaping architecture can transform your backyard into a sanctuary for working, dining, exercising, or simply relaxing alone or with friends. 

California’s Mediterranean climate allows for an abundance of agricultural growth. You can save money and time on your weekly grocery run by producing your vegetables and fruits! Designating even just a small section of space as a garden to grow your own produce can be immensely rewarding. Moreover, you’ll be able to eat seasonally and feed your family with authentic farm-to-table meals. 

Productive gardening is essentially maximizing your results while minimizing resources that tax you and the environment. Work with nature. Choose plants that are native to your region, with sunlight, soil, and temperature requirements that align with what naturally exists there.

Xeriscaping is perfect for gardening in a dry climate, as it involves little to no watering outside of that which naturally occurs. As water depletion becomes more and more concerning, xeriscaping provides an enormous advantage to traditional gardening for its minimal reliance on and use of water. Like zeroscaping, xeriscaping prioritizes native plants, which tend to be less prone to pests and diseases. Zeroscaping and xeriscaping are both low-maintenance and cost-efficient. 

Saving money on your water bill is also as easy as collecting rainwater (for free!) with a rain barrel, which can store water for later gardening use. Also, it is recommended to water your before mid-morning, as the harsh mid-day and afternoon sun can easily cause surface water to evaporate. Moreover, while sprinklers and hoses can give an overall good dose, consider installing a drip irrigation system that can minimize water waste and pesticide transfer by delivering water much closer to the plants. 

As you envision your outdoor space, design for sustainability right from the get-go. We recommend hiring a professional landscaper who has expertise working in your area. For landscaping in San Diego, Torrey Pines Landscaping has designed and built stunning outdoor gardens and spaces for entertaining, dining, working, and more. They design and build landscapes, meaning that your hopes and needs for the space will be carefully crafted from the ground up.

Planning ahead will save you time and money in the long term—and it can help save the planet. You can give Torrey Pines Landscape Company a call today.

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