Anything Helps: Lake Forest & Orange County Fake Grass Installations Can Help Curb Coming Crises

Everywhere you look these days, there are portents of coming doom. Experts warn us daily that the coming years will see every crisis in the book: environmental, water supplies, power supplies, public health, economics, and so on.

In the face of all this, all one can do is focus on what small steps you can make today to lessen the impact on your family and finances if these crises do come to pass. For example, in California, taking steps to lessen your household’s water usage can not only help reduce the chances of a water crisis, it will also help you weather that crisis if and when it does come.

The installation of water-saving devices, including water heaters, toilets, and shower heads, and easy and quick methods of conserving water usage in the household. During shortages, behavioral changes like taking shorter showers and turning off the sink in between dishes when washing can help save a few gallons here and there.

One of the biggest and most impactful water conservation methods is altering your property’s landscaping to be more in line with the area’s climate. As wonderful as the weather is here in southern California, the area is the coastal portion of a desert that stretches all the way east to the Rocky Mountains, south to the tip of Baja, and north to the Bay area.

This means that the classical image of suburban living – an expanse of lush green lawn on every property – isn’t ideal for the local climate. Natural turf is a temperamental and greedy waterhog, demanding hundreds upon hundreds of gallons of water to continue its unnatural existence here in an arid climate.

There are quite a few replacements for a grass lawn, ranging from natural to manmade. Clovers and landscaping that utilize local drought-resistant plant life comprise the natural alternatives, while man-made replacements include gravel, hardscapes, and synthetic turf.

For homeowners that can’t bear to be without their verdant green lawn but can’t warrant or afford the amount of water it will take to keep their grass alive here in SoCal, fake grass is an excellent alternative. Not only will you never have to water it, but with advancements in production techniques over the years, synthetic grass is becoming almost indistinguishable from the real stuff.

The one trick to this is the initial installation. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a lawn filled with lumpy turf, as if they had torn out their grass and just laid down a green mat over the area to hide the evidence. A skilled installer will strip the area, level the ground perfectly, ensure there is appropriate drainage for when rain does come, and THEN securely install the fake grass. The end result is a perfectly uniform and tidy patch of turf that looks like a perfectly manicured putting green.

If you’re ready to make the jump to installing artificial turf, then finding a solid installer is going to be your first priority. For Orange County, the easy choice would be NoMow Turf, a company that’s been performing impeccable installations all over the county for almost a decade.

NoMow’s conscientiousness when it comes to performing perfect, uniform installations is well-known to their customers, and the company has been widely lauded for going the extra mile to accommodate pets, children and special requests.

Crisis is around every corner nowadays, and the best way to navigate through them is by taking small, concrete steps day by day. If you’re looking to take the next step in installing a synthetic lawn today, give NoMow Turf a call.

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