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Growing up as a latchkey kid with divorced parents, I always burned with envy when I saw the other kids in class going home with their intact, happy families. Ice cream socials, parent-teacher nights, and even sports events saw me alone or with one parent, as my mother and father couldn’t stand the sight of one another.

My parents’ divorce had been a massive blowout event, with each parent trying to use all the means at their disposal – including myself – against one another during the process. This caused me to be deathly frightened of long-term relationships growing up, as any prolonged intimacy with another person may make the break-up process that much more destructive.

Discussing this with a friend later on in life, I discovered that divorce didn’t need to end up being a lengthy and dramatic court battle fought tooth and nail. Options existed for couples to end their relationships amicably and with mutual understanding and benefit, which meant situations like mine could be avoided.

Chief among these alternatives is the process of mediation. Mediation uses a neutral third party that represents the interests of both members of the dissolving union, helping to guide the negotiation so that each comes out of the process satisfied.

Divorce is naturally fraught with emotions regardless of the means of dissolving the marriage, which means mediators have to be highly skilled in order to make sure negotiations don’t break down prematurely. For couples looking to separate amicably in the Orange County area, McNamee Divorce Mediations is one of the best options available for mediating your separation.

McNamee has been in the business for a long time, and over the years they have helped hundreds of couples find common ground during their divorce. The firm is so successful that they have one of the most sterling online reputations of any law firm I have seen so far. Here is a quick sample of what you can find online:

Working with Colleen during our mediation process was a true blessing. Her calming demeanor and steadfast guidance made the entire process way less daunting and destabilizing than I had anticipated it would be. I could always count on Colleen to be responsive and thorough no matter what my questions pertained to or how many I asked! Colleen genuinely cares about her clients and it shows in the empathy and compassion she brings to every meeting, phone call, or even email. Colleen is incredibly fair and balanced and the time and heartache saved by having a mediator both people can trust over two lawyers at odds cannot be underestimated. I would highly recommend Colleen without hesitation and could not imagine having gone through this process without her wisdom and knowledge to lean on. I’m so grateful for you, Colleen!

Rachel Zgonc, Google Review
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I used Colleen to mediate my divorce and was very pleased how comfortable she made us feel throughout the process. We were not sure what the mediation process looked like. Colleen laid everything out in an organized manner, and was upfront about the process and costs. She never overwhelmed us with too much info, worked at our pace and took one thing at a time as we worked through the steps. Choosing mediation and to work with Colleen helped ease the difficulties that come with divorce.

Mike S., Google Review

Relationships are messy, but that doesn’t mean your divorce needs to be, too. For couples who have found that their marriage is just no longer working, but don’t want to tear each other down in court, a mediation firm like Mcnamee Mediations can provide the solution you’re looking for. Call today:

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