Orange County Local’s Health Company Aims To Help Painful Tummies With Gut Healing Bone Broth Recipe

With almost 1/6 of the U.S. economy centered around the medical care industry, it’s safe to say Americans are less healthy than ever. A myriad of debilitating chronic illnesses have gone from vanishingly rare to all too common in recent years, with doctors scrambling to figure out why.

For many health experts, chronic illnesses begin and (hopefully) end with the quality of your diet. The typical American diet, filled to the brim with preservatives, additives, and refined ingredients that didn’t exist 50 years ago, is wreaking havoc on the population’s health.

This diet is often very hard on the gut for those who consume it, causing inflammation, an overgrowth of bad bacteria, and the release of a variety of harmful chemicals and toxins. This has led to an increase in the incidence of IBS, Celiac disease, and any number of other chronic conditions that are directly or indirectly related to the digestive tract.

It’s no wonder, then, that so much of what we see on health-related websites and forums is directly related to gut health. It can be difficult to find remedies that are guaranteed to help treat our maladies with so much often contradictory information out there, however.

For those looking for a quick fix to a painful stomach, a southern California local has offered her expertise in creating a healing tonic that can help soothe the pain. Shayna’s Kitchen, an online health supply store, also provides free recipes for healthful food and tonics for those experiencing symptoms from chronic conditions.

The gut-healing bone broth is a specialty recipe designed for those experiencing pain in their digestive system. The gut health-boosting tonic can use either chicken or beef as a base, letting users choose which option best pleases both their palette and their stomach.

In addition to the recipes mentioned above, Shayna’s Kitchen also produces a series of videos explaining the mechanisms behind the recipe and how-to guides on how to cook them. To help newbie cooks through the relatively involved process of creating a stock, the company has created a bone broth video to accompany the recipe and explain how it helps soothe the stomach and provide long-lasting relief.

While the health of the nation remains a major concern, there are many talented individuals and companies dedicated to providing means of improving the situation. Shayna’s Kitchen is doing its part by providing top-tier ingredients and a long list of healthy recipes and how-to videos for health-conscious consumers looking to boost their own living standards.