Getting Ready For The Cookout

As I type this I’m watching the birds are beginning to raid my woven flower planters for nesting material and that can only mean one thing – spring is right around the corner! That means sunny days here in southern California and planning out your newest home renovations.

For some of us, that time could not come soon enough. A wet early winter caused a lot of damage to the remaining grout and mortar in my aging hardscape out back, and I’ve been chomping at the bit to start a full renovation of the yard.

Since I bought my home several years ago, I’ve slowly been renovating it room by room, getting the inside updated from 70’s chic to a tasteful contemporary. All the while, I’ve been unhappily watching my yard go from bad to worse as old, poorly constructed hardscape crumbled and unsightly spruce trees killed any competitor I dared plant on their turf.

I decided long ago that we would need to tear everything down in the yard and start from scratch. It’s going to be a long, hard job, but I can already imagine living it up during summer with that gorgeous outdoor kitchen and garden.

The only question left is: who do I trust to implement my vision?! Well, it’s not much of a question, since I already know the answer: Torrey Pines Landscaping!

I’ve had my eye on them for a couple years now as I’ve been scanning local home and garden publications looking for inspirations. I saw one of the most beautiful yards I’d ever seen in one issue of San Diego Home&Garden and new that whatever company had built that was the official king of outdoor kitchen construction in San Diego. As it turned out, it was one of Torrey Pines’ latest endeavors.

If you don’t trust me, just take a look at some of their reviews:

Torry Pines Landscape Company Was highly recommended to us. If you want the best this is the company to use. When we met the owner Harry, we immediately felt very comfortable working with him and his team. He is extremely knowledgeable, many years of experience, passionate and has a great personality. We had a lot of fun working with him. His team is top-notch. Lei, his Architectural designer and John, his Supervisor were excellent. Always available, very professional, and dedicated.

It was impressive to watch how hard and efficient his crews worked. They were always accommodating and helpful. Harry and his team have high standards and want the customer to be happy. We at all times were welcome to share in choices and decisions. So ultimately, we now love our new courtyard, hardscape, landscape and driveway. We enjoyed the journey and are thrilled with the results. It filled our expectations and more.

Melane L., Yelp Review
Read Christine B.‘s review of Torrey Pines Landscape Company on Yelp

We are so pleased with the “re-boot” of our landscape and extremely happy that we chose TP Landscape to plan & design and then execute on that plan. We also decided to stay with them for our weekly maintenance as well. We couldn’t be happier with the level of detailed planning, support and responsiveness we received throughout the 3 month process and the professionalism exhibited by the entire staff!! ¬†Thanks Harry and team….it looks even better now three months later!

Jim L., Yelp Review

If you want to get a head start on your planned yard renovations, get in contact with Torrey Pines today. You won’t even believe the results.

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