How To Avoid Lawsuits With Cannabis Security Measures

It’s no secret that America is a highly litigious society. Much like our precursors, the Romans, one of our top economic activities appears to be inventing new and creative ways to wage legal warfare against one another.

As a new business owner, what you might not realize is that a huge number of resources need to be dedicated to either avoiding being sued or creating defenses against potential lawsuits. Insurance policies need to be comprehensive, your property needs constant maintenance, and complex procedures need to be created in order to make sure that you either avoid the dreaded lawsuit or have some kind of protection when the day finally comes.

This is especially true for new or developing markets that haven’t yet established themselves as a normal part of life and operate in the greyer parts of the law. As politicians continue to debate about the future of cannabis, for example, business owners and operators must struggle against a tide of criminality and legal hurdles just to keep their heads above water.

In states like California, legal cannabis retailers are unfortunately finding that the boom in business comes with a dark side, as criminal elements find them to be a highly desirable target. The product maintains a healthy black market value thanks to governmental interference, and cannabis businesses are often forced to transact entirely in cash thanks to banks shying away from the quasi-legal status of their enterprise.

This has led to a large number of violent and tragic incidences where armed criminals injure or kill workers and customers to get to the goods. This puts the owners in a tight spot, as not only do they lose out on the stolen property, but they are now in the crosshairs of the legal system.

So, this begs the question: what can legal cannabis business owners do to protect themselves from both the criminal element and the lawyers smacking their lips at the prospect of holding them legally liable for damages to their clients? The answer begins and ends with one word: security.

Proper marijuana security solutions provide a dual purpose to business owners. On the one hand, they help dissuade criminals from targeting their establishment in the first place, and on the other, they provide legal cover for the business in the event that they are targeted by more determined miscreants.

Security systems are more complicated than throwing up some cameras and hiring a guard, however. The system must comply with state and local regulations, as well as follow the stipulations made in your insurance policy.

Creating an effective and compliant security system can get very complex, which is why it’s heavily recommended that you contract out the work to specialists like Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions. Security contractors like CCSS are highly experienced with creating compliant systems that will protect you from both criminals and the legal system, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

There is money to be made in the legal cannabis industry, which means all kinds of opportunistic vultures are circling businesses operating in the space, waiting for their moment to strike. To protect your finances, your employees, and your customers, get in touch with CCSS today to get a comprehensive security plan started today.

Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions


Finding Good Help

When most people think of security guards, they tend to think of harmless oafs that you see patrolling the mall or driving around parking lots late at night in cars designed to look like police vehicles. In short, poorly paid shlubs with no real authority, unable to do much more than scare young teenagers and report to the police when actual crimes take place.

These types of guards are common in lower end retail outlets and strip malls and serve as a very basic barrier for theft in locations where most theft can result in, at most, a few hundred dollars worth of product being stolen at once. The story changes drastically in higher end locations and businesses that handle large amounts of cash as part of their everyday activities.

Guards that work in these locations are often armed and present a much more serious, dangerous figure. That air of authority and the pistol on their hip act as a much higher level of deterrence for the businesses they help protect.

Despite the increased danger they present, many armed security guards receive only basic training during their accreditation process. Businesses hire them specifically as a deterrent, but this lack of training can make a bad situation far worse if an emergency situation does arise.

Guards that haven’t been properly trained to handle a variety of emergencies are liable to make some very poor snap decisions that can lead to unnecessary injuries or deaths of not just customers, staff, and criminals, but themselves as well. A stray bullet can even hit unaware passersby on the street going about their day.

While horrific injuries and deaths are bad enough on their own, this is also a highly destructive lawsuit that can take down your business waiting to happen. Customers, employees and even the criminals themselves can successfully sue your business if it’s found that the security guards you hired acted improperly during the situation, not to mention the premises liability that is laid on your shoulders in the case of an injury.

If you work in industries that carry a high risk of being targeted by criminal activity, the risk for this kind of liability rises precipitously. Cannabis retailers, for example, deal almost exclusively in cash and have a product that sells very well on the street. This makes them an attractive target for thieves and robbers, which requires them to elevate their security systems and staff.

Though many dispensaries contract out their security personnel from professional staffing agencies, they can’t depend on these companies to train their guards for situations that are unique to the industry and the geography of their storefronts. Specialized professional security firms like Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions can provide industry-specific training for guards that can make the difference between everyone coming out of a dangerous situation safely or not.

CCSS security guard training involves drilling your security personnel in observing suspicious behavior on and off-premises and responding to a variety of situations that may arise during day-to-day operations. They also provide a comprehensive plan for your security system so your security personnel can operate in tandem with your regular retail staff to protect your product, your customers, and your business from both internal and external threats.

Owning a cannabis dispensary in the Bay area is a tough enough job as it is without the constant gnawing anxiety about whether your security guards are properly equipped and trained to handle the growing number of threats lurking outside your doors. Give yourself some peace of mind and contact CCSS today to ensure your staff has the systems and knowledge they need to protect themselves and your business.

Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions